Press release

Fimatix has launched a track and trace kit developed especially for schools. Shield for Schools uses Bluetooth wristbands linked to a desktop control system to allow schools to immediately detect and isolate anyone in school who has been in contact with infected students or staff members. Buckswood School in East Sussex will be the UK’s first leading independent boarding school to implement an independent track and trace system of this kind in 2020. We created Shield for Schools to play a positive role in the management of risk and to give pupils, families and schools additional reassurance and peace of mind. By allowing real time contact tracing of the entire school community, we’re helping to ensure that everything possible is being done to make the most of a COVID-19 free learning environment. Shield for Schools is now available to roll out to other interested schools across the UK and around the world.

Kevin Samson from Buckswood commented: “We believe that this technology provides a key component in our school’s ability to manage Covid-19, enabling us as a school to instantly identify and isolate students who have been in close contact with anyone who tests positive. Additionally, Shield for Schools is an extremely useful tool in being able to quickly provide important information to Public Health England and the NHS should there be a need to track and trace individuals outside of our school community. It allows us to minimise wider isolation of staff and students, thus minimising the impact on education for all whilst at the same time providing an extra layer of reassurance for parents.”

Mark Taylor, Executive Director of Taylor Education, who are closely involved in Shield for Schools, added: “We have worked in partnership with independent schools over the last 10 years – assisting in their strategic planning. This is certainly the most challenging time schools have ever experienced. Working with the Boarding School’s Association, independent schools have developed policies and procedures that can give students, parents and staff confidence that independent schools are doing everything possible. A robust strategy of testing for the virus coupled with Fimatix’s track and trace Shield for Schools, complements and builds on the BSA guidance and allows schools to demonstrate that they are creating the most virus free learning environments possible. By introducing the track and trace systems, schools are given the edge in making risk based decisions, based on clinical assessment.”