SHIELD for Schools

What is SHIELD for Schools?

Shield for Schools is a track and trace kit developed especially for independent schools. It uses Bluetooth wristbands linked to a desktop control system to allow schools to immediately detect and isolate anyone in school who has been in contact with infected students or staff members.

Shield for Schools:

  • Includes all students and all staff and contractors on school grounds;
  • Allows real time contact tracing of the entire school community for immediate action;
  • Algorithm designed by medical experts to comply with latest Public Health England guidance on social distancing and contagion prevention;
  • Is very efficient with minimal administration time required;
  • Provides one day of training;
  • Uses Bluetooth devices with long-battery life that operate in all environments;
  • Simple to manage, with wearers only needing to charge and ensure the devices are turned on and on wrist;
  • Access to technical support included;
  • Reassures parents, students and staff that everything possible that can be done to make the most COVID 19 free learning environment is being done;
  • The system protects the identity of students and staff members and is GDPR compliant.
How it works

Find out how Shield for Schools helps independent schools manage their COVID 19 response.

Response to infection

Find out how Shield for Schools helps independent schools recover quickly once a student or staff member has been diagnosed with COVID 19.


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