How it works

SHIELD Wristband

  • The wristband is used to perform effective contact tracking by scanning other wristbands around it. It will register which other wristbands that are within 1.5-2 metres, at what times and for what duration.
  • The wristbands are robust and waterproof
  • In the event of lost or broken wristbands replacements will be provided free (up to a limit of 50% of the order)
  • Each school will be issued with a surplus stock of wristbands
SHIELD Wearable 3


Fimatix will provide one day of training to each school, in which the Dashboard will be configured to the school needs and the Administrator will be trained in:

  • Syncing wristbands with the desktop app
  • Charging protocols and practicalities
  • Inputting test results
  • Responding to alerts
  • Analysing the School Shield Dashboard


Role of the administrator

  • The administrator will have access to the ID legend (which identifies who the wristband wearer is) and the Dashboard.
  • They will enter new infection information into the system and receive immediate reports on which wristbands have been in contact with the infected wearer.

The Shield Administration tool

The Shield Administration tool will provide a dashboard to keep track of the general school status as well as:

  • Identify and report incidents.
  • List view of students and staff
  • Check-in and check-out time of students or staff exposure levels between students and staff
  • Flag infected individuals


Get in touch now for further details about implementing Shield for Schools at your school.