How it works

SHIELD Wristband

  • The wristband is used to perform effective contact tracking by scanning other wristbands around it. Wristbands can record the measured distance to other wristband to a 0.5m accuracy.
  • The wristbands are robust and water resistant
  • Information collected: time, proximity to another wristband and a close contact Anonymous ID.
SHIELD Wearable 3

Bluetooth BLE Technology

  • Emit – Anonymous ID
  • Scan – for other SHIELD wristbands ID’s
  • Record – ID, timestamp, distance (0.5-2m accuracy)


  • 27 hours of continuous scanning, emitting and recording
  • USB based charge

How does scanning work?

During working day:

  1. Wristbands scans other wristbands every set interval (1s)
  2. Wristbands emit own ID every set interval (1s)
  3. When two wristbands come within 0 – 2 meters, it records:
    • ID of wristband
    • Timestamp
    • Distance measured

Discover how Shield’s response to infection works.

SHIELD application

The Shield mobile/tablet application connects to the wristbands periodically to sync the data collected by each wristband. The data transferred records time and proximity of contacts up to two weeks ago. This data is used to effectively identify the contact traces in the case of a reported case.

Employers and Employees can have access to the SHIELD Application to manage risk.

Wristband Interaction

  • Connects to wristband
  • Gather and sync data from wristband
    • ID of wristband
    • Name assigned to wristband
    • Recorded contact data (id, time, distance)
    • Battery level


  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Employee can report any symptoms
  • Access to employer specific information (notices, instructions, company Covid related policies)
  • Can receive instant alerts broadcasted from employer


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